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Putting Down Roots: Settling Down in Canada’s Major Cities

Putting Down Roots: Settling Down in Canada’s Major Cities In June this year, Canada’s population reached 40 million, according to Statistics Canada — a milestone made possible by an ongoing surge in immigration. “Internationally, our country is recognized as peaceful and welcoming, which really helps people feel comfortable with the idea of becoming a Canadian,” says Sotheby’s...

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Golden Years, Shared Homes: Navigating Co-Buying in Your Senior Days

Co-Buying A House in Your Senior Days; Golden Years and Shared Homes As we gracefully step into our golden years, navigating the complexities of real estate, including co-buying a house, becomes a unique challenge. Rising home prices and shifting financial landscapes prompt many seniors to explore alternative paths to homeownership. Inspired by the camaraderie of "The Golden Girls," an unexpected trend...

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Unlocking Doors: Transferring Wealth for Your Children’s First Home

Unlocking Doors: Transferring Wealth for Your Children's First Home As the decades unfold, the looming intergenerational wealth transfer is set to reshape Canadian history, with baby boomers estimated to pass on around $1 trillion to the next generation before the decade concludes. What's intriguing, however, is the growing trend among parents to consider transferring a portion of their assets during...

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